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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 21:34:29 -0400 From: Writer free real preteens Boy Subject: rebound - part 34Obligatory warnings and disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal where you are or at your age, or you don't want to preteen pantie supermodel read about male/male relationships, go away. You shouldn't be here.2) I don't know any of the celebrities in this story, and this story in no way is meant to imply anything about their sexualities, preteen video usenet personalities, or anything else. This is a work of pure fiction.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I enjoy constructive criticism, praise, and rational discussion. I do not enjoy flames, preteen black free and will not tolerate them.That said, we now preteen girls gallerie continue.***I turned around hot preteen love and realized that Johnny and Joey were still watching me. Behind them, the three bodyguards still at the house were whispering to each other, but I couldn't get a feel for what exactly they were so amused by. Their expressions didn't offer any clues. I guess, as professionals, they were obligated to worry about Chris's safety, so they couldn't be too happy that he'd gotten kneed in the nuts while they were guarding him, even if their boss had stayed their hands. On the other hand, though, they weren't looking at me like they were upset with me. I guess slapping someone as arrogant, snotty, and downright pissy as Chris around was probably latina free preteen something they'd dreamed of at one point or another. I know it would have been if I had to work for him.Johnny and Joey's expressions, on the other hand, were fairly simple to decipher, even with Joey's beard in the way. Johnny had this amused, tiny little smile on, like he'd just finished watching an extremely intricate circus performance, something that would leave you both appreciative of the effort but also entertained by the spectacle. blacks preteens Joey, on the other hand, looked completely stunned, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. He closed it as I walked over, his jaw clicking audibly, and he blinked, looking back and forth between Johnny and I."What?" I asked, waiting to hear him say something stupid."Nothing," he said, preteen pussy virgin holding up his hands. "Just remind me never to fuck with you, ok?""It wasn't that bad," I said, rolling my eyes as we began walking back around the house. I could hear Justin and Lance laughing somewhere, and the tap of a club hitting a golf ball."Wasn't that bad?" Joey asked, surprised. "Dude, I think you sterilized him! And that was nothing compared to JC's mafia kiss of death there porn with preteen in the driveway. What the hell was that?"I thought I knew the answer to that one, but didn't want to say it. That mafia kiss of death, as Joey had called it, was JC proving that he really wasn't over Justin. Sure, he'd been concerned about Chris, but the emotion he'd shown toward Justin being hurt went way beyond cp preteen young that.Maybe I shouldn't have talked to him about Justin after all."It was definitely interesting," Johnny said softly, still smiling that little cherub grin. He was a big guy, a little on the preteen party games heavy side, and the overall impression he gave off, summed up in just one word, was jovial. He seemed like the kind of person who might burst into laughter at any moment, and, looking in his eyes, you could see that it would be infectious. If Johnny laughed, you'd have no choice but to laugh along with him. "Then again, I figured it would be. I've heard quite a model preteen 100 bit about you, preteen jizz Chris, and I was really looking forward to seeing you today.""Was it all that you hoped for and more?" I asked, smiling."Oh, definitely," Johnny said, smiling back, a wide, toothy grin below his thin mustache. "I've heard a lot about you.""I could say the same about you," I said, playing it coy. preteen girl vids Johnny seemed to recognize it, and smiled again. "It was all good, though I bet you can't say the same."Johnny laughed at that, his grin breaking even wider in the bright sunshine. Joey shook his head and started walking over to Justin and Lance, preteen with webcam calling for Bri. She heard him, her head whipping around, and she charged toward him. Justin and Lance looked up, Justin holding a golf club as Lance stood preteen walpaper next to him, watching intently as Justin pointed at something and gestured at the club and ball again, probably explaining something about the swing and drive and his handicap, or some other collection of golfing terms that I couldn't understand because I didn't play the game. I wondered if Lance did. preteen girl cams If not, he was getting even more bonus points from me."Wanna trade stories?" Johnny asked, gesturing at the table and chairs near us, where several bottles of water and soda were still sitting out, sweating in the sun. His smile made the whole thing seem kind of naughty, like two coworkers hunching over the copier to trade office gossip, and I had to grin."Sure," I said, pulling out a chair. I glanced down the yard and saw Joey carrying Bri back toward Lance and Justin, and Justin was shading his eyes, his head turned toward me. I waved to show him I was ok, and I could see his smile from the patio. Joey said something, and Justin's laugh carried across the yard. I cracked open one of the water bottles and raised my eyebrows in surprise as Johnny reached into a refrigerator near the table and pulled out a bottle of Corona."Want one?" he asked, holding the bottle out toward me. I took it, still smiling, and he handed me a bottle opener, too."Beer? That's not very wholesome porn ass preteen and boybandy," I said, watching him pull out another one and a lime."The reporter's gone," he said, chuckling, preteen diaper xxx as he pulled out a pocketknife. He sliced the lime into wedges as I popped open our beers. Corona without lime was, well, unspeakable. "So, Chris Vanderhall, you're Justin's new boyfriend. The only boyfriend Justin's ever had, preteens nonnude art I might add, besides JC. You're filling some interesting shoes, Mr. Vanderhall.""I'm not trying to fill any shoes," I said, not really sharply, but definitely firm. "I'd rather wear my own than fill someone else's.""Well put," Johnny said, sipping his beer. "So, who goes first?""I will," I nubile nudist preteen said. Johnny seemed nice, and he'd let online porn preteen me assault one of his guys already, preteens virgin russian so I guess he wasn't going to do anything to me outright. Justin trusted him, and thought the world of him, so I decided that the least I could do after the hospitality he'd shown was to be honest with him. "I know that preteens girls russian you're the manager who doesn't try to screw the guys out of everything they deserve, unlike the previous one. I know that Justin, and I guess the others, respects you, and they think the world of you. I also know that you've never given Justin or JC gay preteen boy any shit about being gay, at least not that Justin knows about, and that means a lot to Justin. I know that you don't coddle them, and that you make sure they do what they're supposed to, but I also know that they trust you, and that you've always repaid it in kind. That about sum it up?"Johnny blinked in surprise, and then broke into chuckling again, sipping his beer and preteen big boobs shaking his head."Yeah, I think that does just about sum it up," sex free preteen he said, laughing. "That's a better snapshot of Johnny Wright than most reporters give, actually. You hear all that from Justin?""More or less," I said, nodding. We'd talked about Johnny a couple of times, and one night Justin had explained the entire lawsuit and everything else with Lou, too, although he referred to him as The Bastard like it was a proper noun. "Did I get anything wrong?""Not really," Johnny said. A breeze was starting to come up, and I wondered what Justin and I were going to do for dinner. I'd leave that one in his hands, depending on how he beauty preteen models really felt and whether or not he was ilegal preteen porn still fronting for the guys. "I mean, you left out the personal stuff, polish preteens pics but for the most part you have preteen scans it all there. Now you, on the other hand, I really can't put into a tiny little snap like that.""I guess I could take that as a compliment," I said, sipping my beer. I shocking illegal preteen was trying to get a feeling for Johnny, like I did for everyone. school preteen nude Just because we trusted him didn't automatically make him my friend, and he had more of an interest in watching out for the guys than he did in watching out for me with the guys. On the other hand, for now, at least, my happiness was more or less tied to Justin's, so I guess that afforded me a little bit of protection.Johnny was studying me, as if weighing his answer. I knew he had to be smart, in addition to all the other nice qualities Justin rattled off about him. You didn't get to be where and who he was without having the brains forum preteen nude to back it up, and, in much the same way that I felt it every time JC looked at me, I felt like free petite preteengirls Johnny was weighing me, breaking me down in his head into my component parts and trying to figure out poems for preteens what kind of box I should be in. I gathered that it was a little more difficult than he thought it should be, and preteen none nudes wondered if I should be proud."You probably could," he said, betraying nothing. How was I supposed to dissect him if he didn't give me any clues to what he was getting from me? Maybe I was pic preteenz just thinking way too much, like I tended to do with everything. He smiled again, and I smiled back. preteen girl finger "Information about you, Chris, comes from many different sources, and that makes it a little hard to decide who to listen to.""Sources?" I asked, skeptical. Not another one. "What kind of sources?""I didn't hire an investigator like Lynn, if that's what you're asking?" Johnny said, smiling still. "She tried to share her findings, though, between screaming and telling me that I was to do everything I could, no matter what the cost, to get you away from Justin and keep you there.""You're not trying very hard," I said, laughing and waving at Justin again as he threw me another glance. He smiled and waved back, and then went back to tapping his ball around while he continued talking with Joey and Lance. "Unless you've got some kind of surprise coming, and this talk is just the warmup to that.""Nope, no surprises," preteen photography Johnny said, spreading his hands expansively. "I'll tell you the same thing I told Lynn, which is that I don't work for her. I work for the guys, and they work for me, and part of that is that we trust each other to make responsible decisions. >From what I've heard so far, everybody's been really careful. Justin told me what preteen funlumpkins video you did for him in Boston, getting him out of the hotel without getting caught by those reporters, and you did a hell of a job for an 12yo nonude preteens amateur. I also know that Justin went after you, rather than the other way around, which leaves your motives a little less questionable, and I told Lynn that. I guess she's heard it cute preteen boy from Justin, too, but maybe it will sink in with repetition.""I'm sure she didn't take hearing that well," I said, smiling."Not especially, no, but she was already preteen legal gallery pissed off, so that was like throwing matches on a bonfire," Johnny chuckled. "I asked stories preteen love her a couple of questions, and then told her I'd take her wishes cgi board preteen under advisement, and would talk to Justin about them. Of course, then Chris called, to let me know all sorts of things about nn teenie preteen what a gold digging opportunist you were, and how you were going to bring about the downfall of the band."He said "downfall of the band" in such quaking, apocalyptic terms that I knew Chris must have ranted and raved as much as Lynn had, and that Johnny had discounted it just as quickly and completely."That's me, the pale rider on the pale horse, bringing about the end of Nsync," I said, laughing. Johnny laughed with me, and I figured everything was going to be all right. We were on the same page after all. "Actually, I'm not planning anything of the kind. I didn't even think I was supposed to come today, but Justin and Joey both insisted that it would preteen british pussy be fine, and Joey wanted help keeping an eye on Bri. I don't want anything, you know, any repercussions, to come back on Justin or any of tiny russian preteen girls preteen bikini the other guys. OK, on Justin, Joey, or Lance. OK, and maybe JC. I don't really care if anything happens to Chris.""I'm willing to bet that's mutual," Johnny said, laughing. "I will say that Justin, of course, gives a completely glowing report of Saint Chris, who saved him from depression, but, you know, he might not be the most unbiased source of information about you. Joey, on the other hand, and Kelly, have both vouched for you as a halfway decent person, and even Lance said you were polite, if a preteen animated porn beautiful preteens top little confrontational.""High praise from Lance," I said, shrugging. I realized my bottle was empty, and got up preteen nn modles to get another. "Another?""Sure," Johnny said, catching it as I tossed it lightly from the refrigerator. "Look, Chris, I love my guys, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them. As long as we all keep that in mind, I really don't care what they do in their personal lives. They all know the rules, and what is and isn't allowed. And before you look at me like that, they decide what's allowed, for the most cute preteens gallery part. JC and Justin are in the closet by group decision, not by mine. As I was saying, though, what they want is up to them, and I really don't care as long as everyone is happy. Are we on the same page?""I think we are," I said, reaching for another wedge of lime. I smiled again, shading my eyes from the sun, wondering where I'd set my sunglasses down as I leaned back against the counter. "You want to get those forms now?""Sure," Johnny preteen and models answered, standing. "Be right back."I watched him walk into the house and smiled as a familiar hand reached around me to rub my stomach. At the same time, I preteen pay links felt someone's nose sliding along my neck and then across my hairline. I looked down at the arm, noting the blond hair, feeling the almost sharp edged press of a dog tag, worn for the shoot, in the middle of my back. The familiar scent of Justin's aftershave drifted ass preteen girls up to my nose as he leaned forward, drawing me against him with that hand on my stomach as he rested his head on my shoulder, his cheek to mine. His other hand was still holding his golf club, and it tapped against my shoe."Hey baby," I whispered, laying my hand over his, rubbing preteenrape the back of his hand with my thumb."How'd you know it was me?" he whispered. "It underground xxx preteens sweet cherries preteen could have been anybody.""Really?" I asked. "Joey doesn't swing that way, the arm's the wrong color for Johnny, and I'm not sure Lance swings at all. If it wasn't you, I don't know who else it would be."Justin sighed against me, his body shifting a preteen model nua little, and I smiled. His face, against mine, couldn't be seen clearly, his eye so close it was just a blur in the corner of my vision, but I knew the expression he must have."Don't make that face," I said, smiling, my cheek pressing more tightly against his as my face moved. "I don't have to see you young preteen tpg to know it's there. I knew it was you because girls candid preteen I always know it's you, silly.""That's what I like to hear," he said, kissing the side of my neck, just once, quickly and lightly. "You and Johnny getting along?""Yeah," I answered, watching Johnny approach hard preteen sex through the window. "We've been talking about you.""My favorite subject," Justin said, chuckling. I could feel preteen renos bbs the mat of tight muscle that made up his torso flexing and unflexing against my back through our shirts. I caught a little glimpse of his sleeve, and saw that he had finally changed back into preteen russian photos his own t-shirt."Self centered brat," I said, trying to spin away from him. He little tits preteen held tightly to me, and we did a kind of dancing half turn across the patio, both laughing, Justin holding onto his club preteen russian board and me keeping my beer from spilling. As we turned we saw Joey and Lance standing at the edge of the patio, both smiling, although Lance's was a little tight. Bri was resting on Joey's hip, her eyes closed as her head lolled against his chest."Hey guys," Joey said, his grin huge. "Sorry to interrupt, but the little one here is all tuckered out, so I'm gonna take her home. I know that Kelly was going to make a lasagna tonight. Are you guys coming home for dinner, or out?""I think we'll eat in tonight," Justin jailbait preteen gallery said, smiling. It was such a change to see him happy, to see him at the end of a good day when nothing had gone really wrong preteens list elegal naked preteen anime and nobody had made him cry. "I want to spend some quality time with my baby.""Could you guys pick up some salad on the way?" Joey asked. Justin nodded, and Joey shrugged. "I'll see you shortly, then?""As soon as we finish up here," Justin said, nodding again. He was still holding me against him, not possessively, just companionably, and I relaxed against him. Our eyes all ticked toward the house as Johnny opened the back door, holding a stack of papers and a pen, now wearing a tiny little pair of round glasses. "Chris just has to sign his stuff, preteen sexdoll and then we'll head straight home."Lance cleared his throat, a quiet little noise, and swallowed as we all looked at him. His eyes rolled slowly back and forth from Justin to me and back again."Do you guys, um, do you mind if I, uh, come over for dinner tonight?" he asked quietly, his bass voice somehow even asians preteen sex lower, a little unsure. I felt Justin tense just a little, but then he let it go as Lance continued. "I thought maybe we could have some dinner, watch a movie, hang out, you know?""I think I'd like that," Justin answered, preteenz pix just as quiet. I didn't say anything, but I was intrigued. I gave Lance a smile, though, as teens preteens nudes Joey tapped him on the shoulder."Come on," he said, nodding off toward the cars with bbs portal preteen his head. "You can follow me home."The two of them walked off toward the parking area, heading back toward the cars, and Justin and I turned to Johnny, who was sitting at the table, waiting, with everything neatly arranged in front of him. He was still smiling, and still working on that beer, but the glasses somehow made him look a little more professional, a little more managerial, and Justin and I sat across from him, still holding hands. I sipped my beer again and looked down at the papers, wondering what we were waiting for."Let's go, guys," I said, shrugging. They both smiled, apparently waiting for me. "Dinner's going to get cold.""Quick, get those forms out," Justin said, grinning. "The way to my man's heart is through his stomach."We all laughed, and Johnny motioned for me to come around to his side of the table. There were a lot more forms than I thought there would be, multiple copies and carbon forms and everything else. There was a copy for me, a copy for Johnny, a copy gay asian preteens for Justin, a copy for their lawyers, and I wondered if maybe there was a general copy for anyone else who might want one, too. Justin paid attention, reading things along with me to make sure there weren't any extra clauses or anything that he hadn't agreed to, but he trusted Johnny. The fact that Johnny went through every page with me, explaining every paragraph, rather than just passing it preteen colombiam models to me and telling me to sign, got him even more points in my book. I considered myself a fairly intelligent person, but there were words preteen magazine and terms in here that left my head spinning, and I was glad to have both of them to explain it to me.When we were done Johnny tapped me on the shoulder, telling me not to be a stranger, before he went off to go meet his girl for dinner. I wasn't sure if the girl was a wife or a fiance or what, since he and Justin just both referred to preteen teen tiny her as "girl", but they said it in an affectionate way. preteens ass fuck Justin carried his clubs back to the car, both of us just kind of light and happy, and then on the way back to Joey's we stopped at a grocery store. When Justin realized that he didn't have a bodyguard he begged me to go into the store while he stayed in the car, and I agreed after much pleading and handholding and tickling. There wasn't any kissing, though. We were, after all, sort of in public, and one never knew when the wrong person would look through the windshield and recognize him, even with his sunglasses and a beat up cap from the back seat on.Our modeling preteen teen errand run successfully, we arrived at Joey's house to much fanfare and applause, as Kelly had insisted on holding dinner for us. Joey slapped me on the back as Justin set his clubs down in a corner, preteen models young laughing at the boisterousness of his greeting."It's about time! Thank," Joey paused as our three sets of eyes all ticked down to Bri, charging across the room to wrap her arms around Justin's leg, and we remembered Kelly's frequent admonitions about little pitchers with big ears, "Gosh you guys are back. I'm starving.""Joey, will you knock it off?" Kelly yelled from the kitchen. "You've got a long way to go preteen star photos before you starve!"Justin and I snickered, preteen pusy gallery blushing, afraid to meet Joey's eyes as he carried Bri toward the dining room, grumbling under his breath, and as we followed him we ran into Lance. He smiled, a little shyly, and none of us really knew what to say. It was suddenly awkward, and I didn't want that, didn't want anything to get in the way of the rush of good feelings Justin was having, so I held my hand out to Lance."Thanks for coming to dinner," I said brightly. "I've really been waiting for a chance to talk to you some more.""Thanks for having me," Lance said, as if we weren't all guests in Joey's house. His grin was wide, almost seeming too big for his face, but his grip was firm, not as tentative as his manner seemed. Justin smiled, and gave Lance a pat on the shoulder."Let's go eat, dude," he young nn preteen said, grinning.Welcoming Lance like that had definitely been the best icebreaking move I could have thought of, because there wasn't a single moment of tension for the rest of the night. We told Kelly all about how the shoot had gone, and what we'd thought. We all laughed as Joey talked about the photographer trying to get him to wear eyeliner, to "bring out" his eyes, and Joey almost blinding himself with the pencil trying to evade it. Justin smirked his way through an account of looking left at the camera, left away from the preteen pussy gallary camera, left serious, and left subtle."What does that mean, anyway?" he asked, as we shook with laughter. "How can you just be subtle? Don't you have to subtly be something, like subtle humor or subtle sarcasm or something? How can I just be subtle?""Got me," Kelly said, shaking her head. "Maybe he just meant subtly Justin Timberlake?""There's no subtle about that," Joey said, shaking his head. "Justin Timberlake is as subtle as a flatbed full of spotlights.""Hey," I said, squeezing Justin's hand. "Lay preteen clitoris picture off. Some of us like Justin just the way he is, ok?"Justin kissed me on the cheek, a light, almost preteen pics preview chaste kiss, while everyone else awwwed and snickered. I remembered that we might be making Lance a little bit uncomfortable, since there were rules among the guys about public displays of gay affection, but he was looking studiously away. When we finished, Justin going back to his plate, Lance looked up at me and gave me a small smile, without teeth, and I gave him a similar one back. I was elated to think that he might be a little accepting, no matter how baffling it was, but didn't want him to think I was gloating or reveling in my sinful lifestyle or something."What did you think of the interview, Chris?" Kelly asked, startling me out of my thoughts."Well, are they all like that?" I asked, shrugging."What do you mean?" Joey asked."Yeah, I thought it was pretty average," Justin added, nodding."But those questions," I said, shaking my head. "I mean, some of them were good, but the others? Best sound effect?""Anything Joey makes," Lance answered for Kelly. She laughed, smacking Joey on the arm."You make terrible sound effects," she said, shaking her head."We didn't say they were good ones," Justin laughed. Bri was laughing, too, even though she didn't get any of the jokes or have any idea what we were laughing at."That wasn't half as bad as Lance's answer!" Joey chortled, rocking back and forth in his seat as Lance flushed brick red, all the way up his forehead and into his hairline. "Janet Jackson naked? What was up with that? Diane Bass's little boy Lance never used to give answers like that!"We all laughed as Lance somehow got inexplicably even redder, and when he finally answered it was all I could do not to wet my pants."God's creatures elisa preteen come into preteen pigtail model the world naked, and they're all beautiful," Lance said, his deep bass voice resonant with amusement. "Janet Jackson is one of God's creatures, and I'd just like a chance to appreciate that."With answers like that, maybe there was hope for the boy after all.After dinner we moved into the rec room for a movie, bringing bowls of popcorn and bags of chips. There was a fully stocked bar and refrigerator in there as well, and we continued casually drinking. I didn't harp on Justin for having a couple, since we were staying in and no one would see him, and the two of us almost choked on our beer when Kelly eyed the carpet speculatively."Joey, did you spill something on here?" she asked, staring at the spot where Justin had given me a blowjob the other day. It couldn't be from us. Justin swallowed."No, why?" Joey asked distractedly, trying to wipe Bri's mouth."I think there's a preteen panty videos stain of some kind," Kelly answered, scraping her shoe back and forth over the spot. Honestly I didn't see anything, and she must have been looking at that spot through random coincidence, but Justin and I were both completely tensed up, sure that we'd somehow be found out."Why don't you just have it steam cleaned?" Justin suggested, his voice a little brittle. As soon as he finished, he started chugging his beer."I guess it ukrainian cuties preteen has been kind preteen models cam of a while," Kelly said thoughtfully."Hey, let's pick out a movie!" I screeched brightly, suddenly aware that everyone was staring at me. "What? I just want to get watching the movie.""OK, ok," Joey said, opening the DVD cabinet.Over mine and Kelly's strong objections the guys ended up picking the first Star Wars movie, the original one. It had been a few years since I saw it, and I'd kind of forgotten how young the stars were, and how whiney Luke was. I preteen miniskirt models made the mistake of making a snide comment, and found myself getting pelted with handfuls of popcorn as the guys jeered me for "attacking" a cinema classic. If the rug wasn't stained before, it had to be now that it had been covered with buttery salted snackfood. Kelly yelled at them to stop, and Justin explained quietly, whispering in my ear as I lay back against him on a couch, that Star Wars was the official favorite movie of Nsync, and that I needed to get to like it if I planned to stick around."Or what?" I asked, my hands idly rubbing his thighs. Joey and Kelly were sharing another couch, Bri tucked into bed a while ago, and Lance was stretched out on the floor. "You'll break my knees?""I'll withhold sex," Justin whispered."Did I mention Star Wars is my favorite movie?" I whispered back, and he chuckled against me before they all explained that they had filmed a cameo, during which they would have been unrecognizable anyway, for the newest one, but it had ended up on the cutting room floor after too many fans of the movies whined and complained.By the end of the movie Justin had fallen asleep, breathing softly against my neck, and I only got him partially roused. He was conscious enough for me to walk him to bed, and Lance followed behind us. He'd decided to stay overnight here, in one of the guestrooms, since he'd had a few to drink as well, and he chuckled as I opened the door and dumped Justin onto the bed. Justin crawled toward the pillows, mumbling, and I patted him on the head."Chris?" Justin muttered, his mouth squashed against his arm."I'll be right back to preteen underage links help you get your shoes off, baby," I said, standing. I walked across the hall and tapped at Lance's door, which was open. He looked up from the bed, untying his shoes. "Just wanted to say good night.""You, too," he said, kicking his shoes off. He looked uncomfortable suddenly, and I realized he didn't want to get undressed in front of me. It was understandable, and he'd been really, really nice tonight, even though it must have been a nude preteen board little hard for him. "Good night.""Lance, thanks for coming over, and for just, you know, hanging out," I said. "It means a lot to Justin to have you guys act like that.""I really do like him, Chris," Lance said, shaking his head. "I mean, I don't exactly approve of, you know, what you guys do, but Justin's part of my family, regardless. And I felt kind of like I owed it to you to come over.""To me?" I asked, confused."Yeah, because of what you did earlier," Lance said. "You didn't have to talk to JC. brasilian nude preteen Honestly, you probably shouldn't have. It's in your best interests to keep the two of them separated as much as possible, and instead you're trying to get them talking because it will make Justin happy. I have to respect you for caring enough preteen chubby models about him to put your own worries aside. Besides, if you weren't going to judge him based on like the one thing you knew about him, then I can't really do that to you, either.""Wow, thanks," I said, blinking. I hadn't really thought about it that way, hadn't considered what putting Justin and JC together, and pushing them to be friends, might really mean.Maybe I should have.***To be continued.
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